Mozilla tests privacy-friendly "Prio" technology to gather telemetry data

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Mozilla has announced it’s currently testing a privacy-friendly method to collect telemetry data from Firefox Nightly users. To improve browsers, all major browser developers collect statistics and other data about usage of their software.

“Improve browsers.” [sarcasm]Right, that’s what they’re doing.[/sarcasm]

Look, if Mozilla wanted to improve Firefox, they’d spend less time collecting data without really telling users about what they’re collecting, and spend more time listening to users. Did Mozilla listen when they made the decision to implement DRM. Did they listen when they decided to require all addons be signed? Did they listen when they killed off all their addons, forcing every addon developer to rewrite their addons in a (supposedly less capable) API?

It’s not about “improv[ing] browsers”. It’s about surveillance, pure and simple.