Mozilla starts petition to reform copyright laws

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Mozilla has started a petition to reform the European copyright laws because the company believes they undermine innovation a creativity. Even worse, European copyright laws haven’t caught up with the internet, according to the browser developer.

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European copyright laws haven’t caught up with the internet, according to the browser developer.
I think first the US Copyright Laws need to be update before asking EU countries to do theirs when the US doesn’t want to fix theirs.

As much as I agree with coolcolors that the United States really should fix their broken copyright laws, these are two different matters where there in reality is no reason for one to wait for the other. Whichever gets there first in getting their copyright laws adhere to the times we live in can serve as a beacon for the other :flower:

I agree with Xercus, the EU has no reason to wait for the US to fix it’s broken laws. If the EU does so, nothing will ever get fixed. The US has no interest in going against the wishes of the corporate empire, hence the long-running copyright trolling, the fact that section 1201 of the DMCA hasn’t been repealed, and Barack Obama’s continued attempts at passing the TPP.

Anyway, at least in the US, it’s not illegal (to my knowledge) to take pictures of landmarks. I could post pictures of Mt. Rushmore, Old Faithful, The Statue of Liberty, or any other landmark, and post said pictures online. The US also has fair use laws, preventing copyright from becoming even worse than it is. I also doubt that I could get sued for copyright infringement for posting a hyperlink. Freely posting hyperlinks was originally the whole point of the World Wide Web. Personally, I fail to see how restricting people’s right to post links could benefit anyone.

So, I think it’s more imperative to fix the EU’s laws than to fix America’s. Of course, America’s laws suck too, but, based on this very article, it seems the EU’s laws suck even more.

Totally agree :iagree: If I take a picture, that is my picture and to say someone else has a copyright to it simply is idiotic. Why a picture of the illuminated Eiffel Tower became copyrighted in the first place is what puzzles me… I can take a picture of it in daylight and that is O.K, just not at night go figure :confused: