Mozilla starts 'browse against the machine' campaign to convince users to ditch Google Chrome


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Mozilla has started a new campaign that should convince users to switch from Google Chrome to Firefox. The campaign is named ‘browse against the machine’ and should change the domination of Google’s Chrome browser which currently holds a worldwide market share of about 60%. That is 4x times more than its second competitor, Firefox.


Thought Firefox and Mozilla where the same? Put this way if Google stops advertising people to use Chrome when one sets their homepage to Google then this is just fair as well. I use Google search as Homepage because it has a clean setup but to advertise that I should use Chrome when I don’t want and Mozilla to do what their doing is just as fair.


No, Mozilla is the organization that makes Firefox. That’s like saying “Microsoft” is the same as “Windows”. Just as Microsoft makes windows, so does Mozilla make Firefox.


Firefox is not the only independent web browser. Konqueror is also independent (although it is designed specifically for GNU/Linux systems), as is NetSurf. IceCat, aBrowser, Waterfox, Pale Moon, Brave, QupZilla, and Midori might also be considered as “independent”, depending on what “independent” actually means.