Mozilla slates first Firefox 3.5 patch

Computerworld - Mozilla will patch the just-released Firefox 3.5 in the next few weeks to stamp out several bugs that went unfixed in the final version of the browser, the company said Tuesday.



This is why I usually wait instead of immediately installing a new major version. :cool:

Everyone loves bugs :iagree:

who would expect this from Mozilla.

[QUOTE=co21;2302184]who would expect this from Mozilla.[/QUOTE]

I didn’t notice the problem but others might’ve but heck at least Mozilla address the bug unlike ahhummm…a not named browser waits til the AP or another source exposes it…this to me shows they are keeping up to date on problems…rather then wait for the problems to be exposed and hacked but hackers…

The only thing I did notice that was a bother was being unable to download my addons… this started happening recently and I was using 3.0.11 prior to this problem happening??? I can manual download the addons and use FF to install them but I hope Mozilla fixes this download addons problem.

Some überclever geek decided that FF 3.5 should remember everything you had open in your last session…very useful…NOT.
When I close a session it´s usually cos I am FINISHED…which means I am unlikely to need to open them ALL again :doh:

So…to avoid this one has to set it to Private Browsing…to make it forget everything…and it does forget EVERYTHING…including all your other settings such as font size …I call that really annoying :Z

As well, when I shut down…I often find another instance of FF running and can only stop it with the Task manager