Mozilla Seamonkey - Hotmail Problems



Recently I began having problems with Hotmail in Seamonkey. The first problem was noticed about a week ago which was that I was unable to compose new email because I was unable to get the cursor to appear in the text field and could therefore not compose the body of any message. The second problem began a couple of days ago which was Hotmail goes to the compose new message page about 5 seconds after opening Hotmail which makes it impossible to even read messages or do anything else. No such problems occur using IE7 which is what I must use now for all Hotmail use. I tried changing password, but the problem persists for using Hotmail in Seamonkey. Has anybody experienced similar problems or know a possible fix?



if you are using Hotmail and Seamonkey, why not use the built-in mail client instead of the web interface?

Hotmail supports POP3 and SMTP protocol.
POP3, server name:, SSL
SMTP, server name:, STARTTLS
user name: your hotmail address (including “@hotmail dot com”)

A mail client is much more convenient than a web interface. And there is no annoying ads :slight_smile: