Mozilla officially announces it kills Firefox OS for smartphones



We’ve just posted the following news: Mozilla officially announces it kills Firefox OS for smartphones[newsimage][/newsimage]

Mozilla today officially announced it ends development on Firefox OS for smartphones after the release of version 2.6 later this year. According to the company it is unable to compete with established popular mobile operating systems like Android and iOS.

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I think this a bad move. Regardless whoms in the market leaving will tell users to not use FireFox will signal to user - Mozilla no longer will support FireFox overall. This kinda move is where one shoots themselves in the foot or get “Foot In Mouth Disease”. Open source or not moves like this will kill the FireFox reputation overall and users stop using all Mozilla Browsers. I guess they don’t look at the bigger picture. This is the “In the Box thinking again” and not the REAL Outside of the Box Thinking.


Well they’re talking about Firefox OS and not the browser! Had me there for a minute!

I just dl’ed Firefox for iOS after opting for the Sync capability on my PCs. Very handy to have all bookmarks on all products.


I am sad to see the project go too as another mobile OS would be great to have more variety to choose from. I am not entirely sure that it will hurt Mozilla though as it does not affect the Firefox browser, and since the project is open source all hope is not lost.

To focus on implementing IoT solutions, hopefully technology with focus on security, is certainly something I welcome. The recent security breaches discovered in various devices only screams for more unified and secure solutions to be developed.


Good to hear haha but you never know…one dead project can lead to another cancelled as well. But a FireFox O/S would be a nice feature.