Mozilla launches its best performing browser ever with its Firefox Quantum release

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Mozilla today launched its Firefox Quantum browser which, according to the open source developer, is the largest Firefox update since the launch of the initial 1.0 version in 2004. The browser has a revamped interface and a new engine that should make the browser perform much better.

Unfortunately, lots of extensions are still not ready for Firefox 57, because some APIs are missing or don’t offer the necessary functionality. I like Firefox because of the extensions, so this could make me switch to Chrome as my main browser instead of my backup browser. I’m sure the same is true for many other Firefox users. :frowning:

I’ve been using Opera for a month now, in anticipation of this change by Firefox. Opera isn’t anywhere near as open to customization, which was my favorite feature in Firefox, but if I’m going to have to use a Chrome copy, I might as well use one that hasn’t lost sight of its primary mission and reason for existence. Firefox wasn’t just about add ons, it was about user control, which has been tossed with the bath water this round.

I don’t use Chrome itself unless I can’t find anything else that works, and I always use it in incognito mode, much good it does me, though combined with a VPN, its better than nothing.

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I like this last part the most. Revamped and better performance? How and what did they use to even judge that? This by itself is very suspect. And the loss of plugins is one reason a Browser dies a thousands www cuts. I still have IE, Edge, Chrome, and last FF but if they change that even FF will be gone. This is truly a history moment FF will become a dinosaur going extinct. I’ll have to find some other FF alt that can still load and run the plugins.

Update and the tabs on FF57 looks hella ugly…someone there needs to be put down and out of their misery.

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I also liked Firefox for some of its Add-Ons. Most of the ones that I used are no longer supported with Firefox 57. For the functionality I need I found some replacements today, but using them requires more effort and time in order to achieve the same results. On one machine I installed Waterfox in parallel which is based on the Firefox source code but with several modifications. I haven’t decided yet if I will fully switch to Waterfox or if I can manage to stay with Firefox.
The actual design (icons, layout, etc) still has loads of room for improvement in my opinion, but this is something I can get used to.
Switching to Chrome, Opera etc. wouldn’t help me at all as this still won’t bring me back my old add-ons.

Same here I am staying with FF56.0.2 for now I like the fact you can use add-ons that have functions. I have to look at WaterFox to see what it can do with plugins otherwise FF will stay at 56.0.2 no updates.