Mozilla launches initiative to reduce Firefox memory leaks

Mozilla launches initiative to reduce Firefox memory leaks.

[newsimage][/newsimage]When it comes to web browsers, Firefox has long been my #1 pick because I love the usability of the built-in features and the versatility and functionality of the numerous add-ons available. However, the one issue which has always irked me about my favorite Internet browser is the abundance (overabundance, in my opinion) of system memory that the application regularly consumes.

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I think it’s too little too late, even Mark Shuttleworth (the money behind Ubuntu) is thinking of replacing FireFox with Google Chrome.

Despite all the leaks, it’s still better than internet explorer : iagree:

Forget the leaks, FF is a RAM hog from the start. Right now, along with it’s “plug-in container” it’s using 150MB after just a few minutes of browsing. And I have cache limited to 64MB. Also a disc space hog and getting worse all the time.

About bloody time! I’ve been using Firefox for years and my biggest turn off is the memory issues. I’ve had similar issues with Chrome and I just stay away fro IE as much as I can (obviously).

A lot of browsers have Memory leak if you keep using it enough long as far as I know,such as the browsers based on IE,like maxthon avant browser.I don’t think they have a method to solve the problem completely.Of course, it 's a good thing once they succeed.

It takes an ‘initiative’ to fix a program? I thought that’s what they had coders for…

I have already switched to Google Chrome, but I keep Firefox on hand whenever I want to use StumbleUpon’s search option. I’m not a fan on how the StumbleUpon on Chrome came out to be due to the lessened user capabilities. Maybe some of you could relate, don’t know?.. Firefox has to do something greater in order for them to win back my loyalty again.