Mozilla is doing away with Firefox version numbers

Mozilla is doing away with Firefox version numbers.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Mozilla has decided to remove the Firefox version number from the software's "About" dialog box. Eliminating the version number is apparently a sign that Mozilla is "moving to a more Web-like convention." Firefox users are not particularly thrilled by the decision and are making their voices heard. 

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Well… I don’t know… Call me skeptic but my version shows the “6.0” in the About dialogue box… Is there something I’m missing here?!

Leave the version numbers alone you MORONS.
Are you trying to kill off Firefox

“Is it necessary for companies to identify the version number for all software even if it’s up to date?”

But that’s the catch - how do you know it’s up to date if you don’t know the version number?

The problem that stands out to me is what if you want to use a FF beta.

They normally give many versions in advance betas.

When FF5 came out I downloaded FF8 alpha, and you could also get FF6, and 7 alpha and betas too.

How will you know which you have?

Here’s a screenshot I’ve just taken; look at the red arrows.

So if I didn’t see this number, I probably would have wasted some time uninstalling and installing just to “upgrade” to what I’ve already installed. :doh:

Yes I’ve cleared the cache and this message still appears on the homepage. :slight_smile:

Pretending that Firefox doesn’t have version numbers anymore and trying to hide the actual version from users is one of the stupidest things I have read in a while. :doh:

I don’t see why they need to eliminate version numbers. Many times I will revert back to a previous version until the add-ons I use can work with the latest version. With no versions numbers how can I keep doing this? Sometimes I think people just don’t have any common sense about things and this is one of those “things.”

Let me guess, The U.S. Government has been using Mozilla Execs as “Economic Consultants” Wonder if they have been Consulting for Italy, Greece, Spain and Ireland as well?

[QUOTE=Seán;2600444]Here’s a screenshot I’ve just taken; look at the red arrows. [/QUOTE]sigh
The discussion on bugzilla started on 2011-08-13. At that time FF6 was basically ready to be released. So why should the version # vanish with that version?
Same might apply to FF7 which is in beta. So if the “no visible version number” feature gets checked in, then it could be expected in FF8 (or FF9), not earlier.


I still don’t see any sensible reason for them to remove the version number. The whole thing just seems stupid!

Seems like a crazy idea to me and I can’t see what they hope to gain from this.