I’ve just started using Mozilla firebird and it seems to be excellent.:slight_smile:
It asked me if I wanted to make it the default browser which I probably will. That leaves me with a couple of questions as my other half still uses this pc :frowning:
Will clicking the IE icons still open up IE if mozilla is default? (I assume they will)
If I need to, how do I make IE the default again?

I guess when you need to, right click on the page and go to open with…>. That should bring out another menu(if you have used more than 1 program on it), and then you can choose your prefered browser.

as long as the ie icon is a shortcut to iexplore.exe, wherever that file is located, clicking them will bring up internet explorer. if those are direct links to websites, i am unsure. i think they’d open in firebird - but also, i think the icons would switch to firebird icons if mozilla claimed default status.

If you associate HTML files with IE (like Cyberwiz described), IE will open HTMLs although FireFox is your standard browser.

FireFox is a good choice (although I am more of a Opera user, I could easily live with FF).

I have IE as my default browser but I always use FF. FF tends to steal icons of jpeg and gifs if made default, at least it did it the last time.

to make IE default again just start IE and answer yes or if it doesn’t ask you if you want it as standard browser go to the programs tab in the settings for IE and check the box and then restart.

so, youve decided to use firefox, use this to speed up firefox

now that is a good tip :slight_smile:

Originally posted by ccb056
so, youve decided to use firefox, use this to speed up firefox

Wow that was great. Sped things up nice :bigsmile:

Wow that speedup is great, I didn’t know it was released for Firefox (used it previously on the regular Mozilla). Great product!

:bow: :bow: :bow:

I typed in the things to speedup Mozilla and it works great. However I couldn’t locate “nglayout.initialpaint.delay”. Will this be a problem in the future?

I did find it in Firefox, is it worded different in Mozilla.

thanks! Rusty

cant find paint delay change in mozilla on that page either…

Wohooo it’s super fast! Nice! :slight_smile:

maybe you should ask that question in the forum that provided the mod :wink:

i’ve seen that in 10+ forums :confused:

Nice improvement!!!