Mozilla / IE 7 help?

hi guys, for some reason like a hour ago my Firefox and IE 7 were working fine, then all of the sudden when i tried to play mpg. files online it would open up Quick Time to watch them. Unlike before it would open Windows Media Player 10. How can undo the settings so that Windows Media Player 10 will pop up instead of Quick Time popping up and running the mpg. file? :slight_smile:

Go to settings, control panel, add or remove programs. One of the options is "set program access and defaults.

Another way is to right-click on one of the files you want to change and go to properties. There, you can change what it opens with. I believe that will change all files of that file type.

That doesnt help, I have also tried the default in WMp by clicking tools> options> File Types> select all. I have also checked quick time and removed all the mpeg file association and QUICK TIME STILL COMES UP!!! Are there any other methods of setting wmp as my default?

I don’t know if you are dedicated to Quicktime but you could delete it from your system.

Try this open Quick Time and click on EDIT and then go down to PREFERENCES and click on Quick Time Preference and on the page that pops up uncheck the box that states "ENABLE INSTANT-ON

Yes im a littel dedicated to quick time, i need it for some stuff. StormJumper ur idea didnt work. thanks though. Omg i dont know what to do anymore please continue to help me.

Save or find a mpg file on your Hard drive. Place your mouse cursor on the file, and while holding down your ctl key, right click your mouse, and select “OPEN WITH”. If Windows Media Player is not listed there, just go to the windows folder and select the .exe file. When it starts, it should give you a prompt to always open this file type with this software. Reply YES…