Mozilla Firefox v1.0 Final Released

Good news for people looking for a great alternative Internet browser to Internet Explorer. The Mozilla Foundation has today released the final version of the Firefox browser. Unfortunately, since this browser is very popular, the Mozilla site has been difficult to reach. Here is the official changelog:

New features

[ul][li]New options for controlling where links from other applications open.
[/li]> [li]New experimental options for controlling where links in web pages open. To make these experimental options appear, set browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs to true in about:config.
[/li]> [li]Firefox is now available in 14 languages.[/ul]Major improvements

[ul][li]258692 - “Sort by name” in Bookmarks should sort siblings, not children.
[/li]> [li]253326 - Information bar (blocked popup, missing plugin, etc) should be closeable.
[/li]> [li]250279 - View Source should use Find Toolbar.
[/li]> [li]250429 - Find toolbar loses content when new tab clicked.
[/li]> [li]258917 - Disable sites reloading onresize. (Many sites reload onresize to work around bugs in Netscape 4. This caused problems in Firefox due to tabs, the Find bar, and information bars.)[/ul]Notable bug fixes

[ul][li]222157 - View Source: Save as doesn’t work.
[/li]> [li]239948 - The Open button (link) doesn’t work for old Downloads in Mac OS X / Linux.
[/li]> [li]239472 - Page Info -> Media -> Save As… doesn’t work.
[/li]> [li]259993 - Mixed up favicons on Bookmarks, even with Firefox 1.0 Preview Release.
[/li]> [li]254040 - Incorrect address in address bar after using keyword (I’m Feeling Lucky) feature.
[/li]> [li]252306 - Information bar indicating a blocked popup causes infinite reload loop on sites that reload on resize.
[/li]> [li]252118 - Necko ignores settings for ax-persistent-connections-per-server.
[/li]> [li]140577 - [RTL] Radio buttons and check boxes aligned to the left when UI aligned to the right.
[/li]> [li]88579 - [Windows] Bad default Traditional Chinese font.
[/li]> [li]225281 - [Windows] Checkbox label background problem on the “Install Complete” page.
[/li]> [li]223545 - [Mac] Exposé reveals Firefox’s “hidden” window.
[/li]> [li]204636 - [Mac] Make minimize (Cmd+M) and zoom menu commands work.[/ul]Security hole fixes

[ul][li]69070 - Do not allow http: documents to load images from file: via < IMG > (call checkloaduri for security).
[/li]> [li]234416 - Can spoof filename in “what should firefox do with this file” dialog.
[/li]> [li]257523 - [GTK] Text fields give scripts access to the user’s clipboard.
[/li]> [li]264944 - Several crashes found by Michal Zalewski’s Mangle tool, which generates random malformed HTML, were fixed. Some of these crashes may have been exploitable.
[/li]> [li]124750 - Backgrounds tabs can steal focus.
[/li]> [li]264265 - Don’t launch any helper apps by default. (This way, if there’s a hole in a common helper app such as Winamp, only users who select “Open in Winamp” or who have selected “Do this automatically for files like this from now on” will be affected by simple Web-based attacks.)
[/li]> [li]124750 - Other tab steals focus with javascript textbox.focus().
[/li]> [li]251297 - Files in /tmp world readable (email attachments, helper app docs).
[/li]> [li]261527 - [Mac] Security: Firefox installs with world writable permissions on Mac OS X.[/ul][/li]Downloads:


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“emerge sync && emerge mozilla-firefox”

And off we go :smiley:

I just downloaded and installed my copy. I like it :smiley:

My new logitech laser mouse doesn’t like it-back button feature doesn’t work :sad: Other than that I like it.