Mozilla/Firefox Bookmarks

Does anyone know where Mozilla/Firefox Bookmarks are stored? I’ve looked everywhere i know to look and can’t find them. They don’t get added to IE when i add them so they must be in a different place.

C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\Your Name

if you want to backup 'em - just use the export function from the bookmark-manager (integrated in FF under the Bookmark-Menu)…

iss > Not there on my pc but thanks. Problem solved.

Razor1982 > Thanks for the info. Problem solved

Reformated and installed OS …(thought that was my problem) and wanted to keep bookmarks from FF and later found out my RAM’s bad :o Oh well i needed a fresh install anyway. Been 8 mths.

your system problems must have caused file problems because the location I gave you is the default location for the bookmarks.

Thanx forgot to show hidden folders.

Sorry man but yes it is on your pc! iss is right it’s the default location, i’ll give you a hint “SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS”