Mozilla FireFox 2.0 Released Early!

Will be available to download tomarrow afternoon.
Read up and the download links are at the bottom of
the editorial!
For all you Firefox luvers like me and those that have yet to
try it you will love it. The best browser by far. :bigsmile:
Over IE and even Opera!
Luvs Jenni :flower:

It’s nice I guess. I still like the original Mozilla browser better (had more features) but as long as all the extensions get updated so folks can add functionality like ad-blocking, flash playback toggle and more advanced tab settings/controls, I suppose it will be fine.

Me? I’m all about the Maxthon with IE 6. :slight_smile:

Well with the New IE7 released, along with the new Netscape version I hope this is better then the rest of the versions of FireFox. Not sure of updates but I luv the version 1.5 even without those functions you mentioned!
Luvs Jenni :stuck_out_tongue:

IE 7 is not as good as it could and should have been, imo. Plus, I don’t like the interface changes.

That said, it’s good to have options. Personally, I’m a huge Maxthon fan and have no wish to upgrade the core component to IE 7, at least based upon what I’ve seen of it. I’m used to the standard IE and Maxthon interface and it just feels more comfortable. Plus Maxthon has pop-up blockers, ad blockers, flash movie toggle and very good tab controls, plus a whole lot more.

I stay away from IE all together learned long ago with bugs and such! Not sure but will check into this Maxthon! Firefox has pop up blocker and such as well!
But I will check out that browser config now that you mention it! :flower:
Luvs Nikkei :smiley:

Maxthon uses the IE core engine…still IE with tabbled browsing. I’d stick to FF, Kameleon, or Opera.

Well, I do need to do the IE engine for some things, like Windows Update and such, so I guess I’ve found that with Maxthon installed, it makes IE usable. :slight_smile:

I think I will then stick to my FireFox then, use to love Opera but now just as a second browser, seemed to fall back after Firefox just kicks its butt! :bigsmile: LOL
Never heard of Kameleon but will look at it as well! :cool:
Luvs Jenni

Kameleon is FF on steroid…designed for speed without a lot of bells and whistles. It appears to be free from the memory issue found in FF 1.5. Note that Kameleon may not support some extensions. The latest FF is a tad bloated but I will give it a good workout.

I also use Opera 8.54 as a backup browser. Note that a small % of websites will not operate properly without IE.

Is FF 2.0 free of the 1.5 memory issue?

Dunno…will test this weekend. 1.5 is slower than the ORIGINAL 1.0.

They are pushing as it is! We will see I have no issues with my memory though and the 1.5 version but I may just be lucky or not seeing it! :rolleyes:
Luvs Jenni

I don’t know about the memory issue, but it does seem a whole lot faster than the 1.5 version.

It is available now for download! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Luvs Jenni :flower:

I just installed it…after just 10 minutes of use, it seems like it is faster than 1.5 was.

Great to here Chad T, I am looking forward to using it and seeing any improvments and all!
Luvs Jenni

How’s the memory usage by comparison? Better?