Mozilla Firefox 0.8 problem

When I’m browsing a website (it happens on any website), I somtimes get a box telling me “This document contains no data” after clicking a link and I have to go back to the previous page. Does anyone know what’s wrong and how to fix it?

All help appreciated

Thanks in advance

an example of a webpage that does this would help - but i’d guess its a design that is IE specific. looking at the target of the link in question should help diagnose the problem. (is that how you spell diagnose? )

It just happens on random websites. It has happened while browing about the CD Freaks website.

Is there perhaps any internet-content blocking software running on your PC, or inside FireFox?

A pup-up blocker only, but it is set to allow pop-ups from

its seems to be a prob with the 0.8 version of firefox, either a registery entry or a config setting in the firefox folder.
i cured my error by copying the firefox folder from another pc on my network.
if you cant do this try uninstalling firefox and removing traces of it from your registry, BUT use caution some entries marked mozilla can be used by both firefox and netscape apps. also try installing another copy of firefox to a seperate folder and running that one to see if it repeats the error.

I get it too sometimes. A simple bug I guess.

just a bug try refreshing. I get that all the time using standard mozilla so it’s not just firefox

Ah, just a bug.

Thanks for you help

plz submit specifics to their bugzilla -

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Anyone know if we can expect Firefox 0.85 or if the next step is going to be 0.9?
And when is that coming? :stuck_out_tongue:

Submit the problem to bugzilla as suggested by ckin2001, it will help them if you can show them a website where the problem can be reproduced.

Wait a few days and try the nightly builds to see if they have fixed your problem.

maybe its finally time to switch to ie?

Nothing’s wrong w/ Firefox. Your system’s wacked that’s all. Causes could be firewall, proxy, ISP, spyware, and virus, but definitely not Firefox’s fault.

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<thread hijack>
Anyone know if we can expect Firefox 0.85 or if the next step is going to be 0.9?
And when is that coming? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can check out Firebox nightly builds at mozilla. Some of them runs on crack and acid, utilizing the processor’s SSE2 instruction. There are two versions, AMD and Intel. Sort of a preview of what’s to come. Very cool.

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thats nuts.

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it is never time to switch to ie. i’d give up computers before i went back to that.