Mozilla ends support of Firefox on Windows XP

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With the launch of Firefox 60 Extended Support Release (ESR) last Tuesday, Mozilla ended support for Firefox on Windows XP. It’s expected this decision will impact about 2.5 million Firefox users. The end of support means that Firefox will no longer receive security patches on XP.

I’ve probably said this before, but SeaMonkey still supports Windows XP. It’s an email client and a web browser in one unified program.

There’s also unofficial support for two different Firefox forks: Pale Moon (re-branded as New Moon), and Basilisk (re-branded as Serpentine). With both links, you can just download the newest version (located at the top of the page) that corresponds to your CPU architecture (or, if in doubt, download the win32 version), extract it with a 7-zip compatible archiver (such as 7-Zip), and launch. Easy-peasy.

While trying to locate the links I posted above, I also noticed this other Pale Moon fork: MyPal. I haven’t used it, so I have no idea if it’s any good. But options are always nice.

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