Mozilla ends support for Firefox on Windows Vista and XP

Mozilla has released Firefox 53 which marks the end of support for Windows XP and Vista and 32-bit versions of MacOS and Linux on systems with CPUs older than a Pentium 4 or AMD Opteron CPU. Firefox users on Windows XP and Vista will be automatically updated to Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR).

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I figure this was coming this is something that was bound to happen.

Well they’ve been talking about this for a while (a year or two?) so naturally the solution was found a while ago too. Originally there wasn’t a need for any patches, kernel mods or source code modifications (Firefox is after all open source) to make FF53 nightly work on XP (only change was in the installer), not sure if that’s changed now but in any case it will not stop committed XP users from using it.

Remember how Mozilla (equally screaming and shouting in public announcements) ended Firefox support for Windows 2000 many years ago, saying Firefox 12 was the last version to be supported? Here is Firefox 53 running in Windows 2000.

But truth be told, I (as an user of Win2k/XP exclusively) am still on FF28 and see no reason at this point to upgrade. If Firefox 29’s interface changes weren’t bad enough (although I can deal with them by modifying my style script) when they began messing with the browser fonts I gave up on even bothering to modify the newer versions to fit my needs. Maybe that can be fixed but I’ll pretty near have to do it in the source code, and the cost-benefit analysis of doing that work over sticking with FF28 is very decisively in favor of the latter.

I guess because definitely, the experience provided wasn’t that good because HTML apps can’t offer the experience that native language apps can do. The more important reason was that Mozilla was unable to beat the market share Apple, Google (and, well Microsoft).

Market share? Apple is behind Mozilla that I recall not sure someone would make that statement here. Even if Mozilla isn’t top it ranks higher then Safari since that is a closed Browser that doesn’t permit open source that by itself doesn’t help improve it’s outlook. Also bad plugins don’t help a Browser be better if they load to many toolbars becomes a security risk instead of protecting the Browser they become a back door to malware. HTML is the early stage of release and trust me it will be broken just like anything so don’t think HTML is the be all save all as malware are just salivating at the opportunity to break it. Goes like this if you can “write it” someone will “break it” it’s how the user of the Browser chooses to use the Browser that will determine if they become the hack or stop the hack.

Goodbye Firefox for XP/Vista. You will be missed…

…or will you?

I have to admit, that is awesome.