Mozilla delays 64-bit Firefox for Windows again



We’ve just posted the following news: Mozilla delays 64-bit Firefox for Windows again[newsimage][/newsimage]

Mozilla’s developers still haven’t succeeded to create a stable 64-bit version of the Firefox browser. Also version 41 of Firefox will be a 32-bit Windows application.

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Baffling… others, like Waterfox, can do a 64 bit compile, and as I understand it, 64 bit is slowly taking over, from being a rarity for those who needed >4GB RAM in XP, to being the more popular in Windows 8 and higher (other than upgrading)


I used to use Waterfox back when I used Windows, but I found development to be quite slow (I think Waterfox only has one developer). It open much faster than most other browsers, though, even lightweight browsers like Avant.


Watefox is misspelled.