Mozilla CTO criticizes Android and iOS over transparency

We’ve just posted the following news: Mozilla CTO criticizes Android and iOS over transparency[newsimage][/newsimage]

Andreas Gal, CTO of Mozilla states Android and iOS offer the user insufficient transparency, partly by using proprietary software. According to Gal, Firefox OS is there to counterbalance.

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That’s why I’m thinking about using Replicant. Replicant is an Android fork comprised entierly of free software – software that respects the user’s freedom.

If Firefox OS-based devices were available in the US (maybe they are, but I haven’t seen any), I might consider buying one. However, I would feel a bit hesitant if it came with the “official” Linux kernel, which comes with too many proprietary binary blobs (one is too many, as it may have malicious features, such as a backdoor).