Mozilla appears to be testing ad blocker for Firefox Focus

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Mozilla appears to be planning to add an ad blocker to its mobile, privacy focused, Firefox Focus browser. Currently the browser already blocks advertisements with trackers, but the few advertisements that don’t use tracking still show up in the browser.

I already got my own custom hosts edit that works for all browser without needing Mozilla to do that for me.

This is a mobile browser and you can’t reach the HOSTS file unless rooted, so I think this is a welcome step.

Good then too late as I dumped firefox on my android as it cause more problem then it helped. The newer quantum was a disaster on my Android and that lead to it’s removal for good.

I don’t use Firefox either on desktop or mobile, but anybody putting an ad blocker into their mobile browser can only be a step in the right direction, yes?

FWIW, I use Firefox on my mobile devices all the time. It’s not as light or fast as browsers that use the native WebView engine. As for Firefox Focus, I haven’t been able to find it (for Android), much less play with it. However, according to Wikipedia, Firefox Klar is basically the same app, just with telemetry junk removed. I mention this because Firefox Klar uses WebView instead of Gecko, so anyone who like small, fast browsers might want to give it a try. (I prefer Lighning, JumpGo and DuckDuckGo Brower, though.)