Moxi Recording to DVD

Have a Moxi (functionally like a TiVO but without all the ads) DVR box hooked up to my FiOS system & Panasonic HD TV and would like to transfer recordings to a DVD. Moxi doesn’t want to help (due to copyright concerns). Is there a particular DVR box that would work? Also, is there a box that could write my HD recordings to regular movies that would fit on a DVD? Any help much appreciated. Technical stuff is obviously not my forte.

Thanks in advance.

There aren’t any standalone Hi-Def recorders currently in the US. There are only a few standard DVD recorders left, too. You could probably connect a regular DVD recorder to the ‘S-Video’ or ‘composite video’ output and record with that. That is unless the Moxi outputs a ‘Broadcast Flag’ that won’t allow recording. In that case you’d need to add a ‘Grex’ stabilizer to the connection.

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2486133]In that case you’d need to add a ‘Grex’ stabilizer to the connection.[/QUOTE]

Say what? Never heard about that one. Is it a standard piece of hardware available at Best Buy-like outlets?


No, but Google can find you one…