Some people are like nomands while other lived on the same piece of planet earth for the last 75 generations. How often did you move and was it always the right thing to do? Do you people enjoy moving?

I moved a couple of times, twice when my parents moved and twice myself. Once because i wanted to (not that i hate my parents, but you get different opinions after a while about when to go to bed and what to do :). The other time was first based on the distance to work. I got myself a nice house so i don’t think i’ve done bad :slight_smile:

I still feed of the lives of others (live at home ;)) so no moving for me so far in my life.

Lived in this house all my life :slight_smile:

I’ve been around, as a kid and an adult.
We just bought our first house last year when we got married. And we don’t plan on moving any time soon. Unless we win the loto of course :slight_smile:

when i lived with my parents moved twice. moved away for high school and college (that’s lots of moving right there) and now live on my own. am thinking of moving to the other side of the globe right now.

i’ve moved twice when i was living with my parents…
then after college i was living in an apartment…till last august…then i went out on a limb and bought my first house…

Moved once with my parents (1), once for college (2), three times for work (5), once to Japan (6), then back from Japan (7), and twice more for work (9 times total).

Moving sucks.

I moved 4 times with my parents and 5 times since I get my own place, but I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere for quite a while now.

I was a gypsy - but I think I finally have a home. Growup in CNY, went to 3 different colleges in 6 years - between undergrad and grad, then I lived Georgia for 3.5 years, but have now landed between Baltimore and Philly and hope to stay there…for awhile atleast.

There was a stretch of time when I was in Georgia (the state - of course, not the country previously part of the USSR) and my sisters were located in … Upstate NY, Asuncion - Paraguay, and Moscow - Russia. That seemed a bit much. No sibling was within 1000 miles of another. I wonder if we are really that disfunctional. :confused:

About every 2 years. 9 in total. So many schools :sad: