Moving Windows 7 to new SSD



I have just finished looking at the instructions for transferring an operating system from an existing HDD to a new SSD by Sean Byrne on SSD Freaks site . I have Windows 7 on an un-partitioned existing 80GB SSD and wish to transfer this to a new 240GB SSD. Do I need to to concern myself with the issue of partitions, since the existing disk is not partitioned and its replacement will not be either : All data is on a separate internal HDD.


No you do not need to be concerned about it unless you want to change it.

I myself would not.


Hi Bean55,
Thanks for quick response. So I guess I just follow the instructions but omit those which refer to partitioning shrinking etc.


Should not be a problem going from smaller to bigger SSD
Depending on the software you are using some will even go the other way also.


Hi again,
I have managed successfully to clone my existing 80GB SSD onto a new 240GB SSD using the instructions mentioned in my first post. I have followed the instructions exactly except for those parts that relate to managing partitions : My exiting SSD and new SSD are not partitioned. However although the operating system transfer is successful, on completion the reported size of the new 240GB installed SSD is reported by Windows Explorer as still 80GB. I completed the transfer with the command prompt command “winsat disk” as included in the instructions.

Does anyone have any idea why the reported disk size is wrong. Perhaps I should have followed some of the partition instructions after all.


Sorry everyone,
Managed to answer this issue myself. (Disk management : extend partition). Thanks anyway.


That was it , I should have mentioned that sorry
Glad to hear you got it up and hopefully running