Moving (uninstalling/reinstalling) Nero

OS is XP, SP1, if that matters.

I want to move Nero from my C: partition (which is getting very crowded) to my D: partition (which has tons of space).

Should I uninstall Nero using the XP uninstaller, or use the Nero Clean Tool? Or do I run the XP uninstaller first and THEN run the Clean Tool?

Then I assume I can install Nero on a different partition, right? It won’t insist on being installed to the C partition?



@ Mallomar
Use the Nero Clean Tools to remove Nero. You should be able to reinstall Nero to any drive you choose with no problem.

Thanks for your response. I assume I can do the reinstall using the latest files downloaded from the Nero site, and just pop in my serial number when it asks.

@ Mallomar
Yeah I think you can. However, I usually save the updates to my ‘downloaded program files’ then install the program, as I usually end up uninstalling and reinstalling many times for many different reasons. That way I don’t have to be online to do it.

I was unclear – I did mean I would download the files to my hard drive and install from there. I’d never install anything online (unless I had no choice).

I think I should download the demo files, not the update files, right? Since I’ll be reinstalling completely and not updating an existing install.