Moving source material to external drive?

I bought an external drive to move all my media files to and am having a hell of a time moving them!

I will try to explain my problems to the best of my ability.

When attempting to move my source material (for the projects that I am working on) I just clicked and dragged them from my c drive to my f. They where successfully moved to the f drive but then when I try to work on my projects (which im using the source material to create), the projects are empty because the source material is no longer where it used to be. I cannot relink to the new destination of the source material to save my life. Maybe this is because im using a free version of Nerovision express (6.6). I have since moved all of the source material back to its original location.

Next I tried to go into Nerovision, open my project(s) and click export to “burn” them to my f drive as video clips (or movies). Then I could open Nerovision and start a new project and laod these exported videos into the new project. But when I try and play these exported videos they are choppy (almost as if they are playing in slow motion).

So I suppose my question is this: How do I move this source material over without totally destroying these projects that I’ve been working on for the past 2 months?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have been struggling with this for 3 days now and have made zero progress.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I can think to two problems:

  1. the external disc is damaged, and all data stored here contains errors. If it’s still in warranty, you should ask for a RMA.

  2. the USB interface is not working correctly on your computer.

Can you try this drive on a different computer? I have similar problems with some external boxes I bought: in my computer these boxes simply won’t work, whereas in my brother computer works without problems.

I appreciate the reply but im not sure if you understand my problem. I can move or transfer files to my f drive with relative ease. But when I open Nerovision express 3 to edit my projects, there are no video clips in them. This is because I moved the video clips and the Nero can no longer find them.

even if I don’t move these video clips and just rename the folder that contains the video clips. My Nero projects will have no video clips in them because Nero cant find them.

I need to do something fast as I have almost no space left on my c drive.

It sounds like you are moving some of the project files over to the external drive using Windows Explorer, but keeping others of the same project on the C: drive. Nero has no way of knowing what has happened to its project folder and of course will get confused. Remember some essential files might be hidden and get left behind.

You’ll be better off opening all your projects one-by-one in Nero, then re-saving (not exporting) them on F: That way Nero will know where they are.

Your choppy video is probably because the USB inerface can be slow. Is it USB-2?

Heres Neros response
"Unfortunately it is currently not possible to let NeroVision Express search the video files elsewhere, maybe such a feature will be added in a future version of Nero Vision. Unfortunately we currently can’t tell you, when or if this feature will be added."

Thanks anyway for all the help!