Moving programs to new computer?



I just bought a new compter and need to move some programs over. Whats the best way to do this?

I have install discs for my Sony Vegas, Sony dvd architect and my Mapsource software and am not sure if I will be able to use the install discs again beacause I have already used them once. And on the software that I dont have install discs for anymore, I don’t know what to do.

Any help would be great as this is seeming like a daunting procces to me so far.

P.s. I have not treid to move anything yet as I wanted a little input first.


Have you thought of using the transfer wizard? I found a very clear tutorial which you can read here.

Another option would be to use a utility like Norton Ghost to clone the hdd.

And there is alway the old transfer to CD or DVD and then installing it in the other machine.


Most modern programs rely completely on the Windows registry to function, so there’s no way to “copy” them from one system to another. They require the install process to be functional.

Cloning a system drive from one system to another is very likely to fail and may not even boot. Best for a novice to not even consider that route.

Bottom line is that you will need the install CD’s and need to run the install process for virtually any modern program. Once installed, you can easily copy over any work or files that you did with the program on the other system.
Any programs the require online “activation” may balk at being installed on a new system, and you will need to contact the program’s maker for activation.


Are you moving the running applications or the application data? If it’s data just copy those over to cd/dvd media and reinstall that program on the new computer and copy the data to the apporpriate application folder and you should be able to access them when you rerun the application again. But if you wanting to move the applications over I would definitly say NO to that. As long as your using the program for your use I see nothing wrong with that as long your not selling them then you should be fine in my view. Installing it on a new system will not in anyway stop the program from installing. As the cd/dvd media don’t write onto themselves only problem is if you don’t have the S/N to register that would be what would stop you from either installing or using it after the installation. Back to moving the application over because of various hardware and software and BIOS setup just cause one application works previous doesn’t mean it will work if you just copied over as stated by other users the settings is different from one hardware and software setup to another computer cause it has different hardware and BIOS setup that will cause resource conflicts and cause a cascading problem that you might not be able to recover your lost date from. Only ghost or duplicate the HD if they both have same matching hardware and BIOS-not when they have different hardware and BIOS. This will save you alot of headache and money to have to fix what caused the problem.