Moving, PC Bang, First Birthday

Hello, everyone. I have just read Namoh’s thread about my temporary disapperance during the past few weeks here. Though I couldn’t read some of the posts there, nothing was surprising. Same friendly people, same sarcastic people. Of course, I couldn’t reply but here.

The main reason for being offline was moving as Sexy said. My daughter’s first birthday was April 18, 12 days after her mother’s 34th birthday. Perhaps it was a pure coincidence that we found her first walking on that day. She can now walk several steps without a pause.

I left Inchon first in late March. This is late April. One month passed but the moving is still on progress. In the past years, moving was often completed in a matter of hours. Right now, I am at the nearest PC Bang (South Korean type of Internet cafe, full of smokers and loud game music all around) in Hwasun, 400km south of Seoul and where my parents have lived for nearly 10 years and we are staying now. All the computers and books are still in Inchon for I haven’t decided where to live and work. Some family matters, some legal matters, etc. that I’ll probably never feel at home with. The temporary apartment has about 50 square meter area.

Yes, I talked about Eurobus with Dee-27 a few weeks ago. Though I’m not a hater of Boeing, the airline between Seoul (where about 70% of South Korean wealth is concentrated) and Gwangju (my hometown, historically the city of rebels) mostly has only very outdated and small Boeing 737-*** types, not good for my wife who can’t move legs easily. So I learned to prefer Eurobus, but then even most Eurobus planes flying between Seoul and Gwangju are smaller than those between Seoul and Busan (Gwangju’s main rival city for at least two millenia and my wife’s hometown.)

Because this PC Bang isn’t prohibiting smoking where smoking is legally prohibited (like most other tens of thousands of PC Bangs in South Korea), I’m wearing a mask which isn’t necessarily suitable for keeping cigarrette smoke from me. The two employees working here aren’t doing anything to discourage smoking but they work diligently to replace trays (for smokers) everytime someone leaves. US$0.7 per hour here isn’t very expensive considering monthly Ntopia (100Mbps) connection at home costs about US$30 per month. Because I haven’t decided where to live the next one year or two, I am without any connection at the temporary home. If I want to have one as soon as possible, I have some choices: KT VDSL, Hanaro VDSL, Thrunet Cable, I-Citiro FTTH (?), Onse Cable… perhaps at least five. I-Citiro seems offer most for US$25/month though the top speed’s just about 45Mbps (half of KT’s Ntopia.)

After all, what BoSkin said was very true. Both girls were sleeping when I left (2:23 AM here.) I’ll have to go to Inchon today or tomorrow at the latest in order to pay some bills and bring some hardware. I’d like to have a new notebook PC and a projector soon (mainly to save expensive apartment floor space.)

glad to see ya back around kenny :slight_smile:

Interesting update,Kenshin.


Hello Kenny, now Namoh can find his sleep again I hope :smiley:

good to see you post again Kenshin…hope you get settled sooner than later :smiley:

Kenny gald to hear from you …and we will be expecting some birthday pictures …when you get time…and settled…!!! I know traveling can be a pain i have a nephew whos in a wheelchair…and its a shame he is sometimes treated like a second class citizen and made to crawl in the plane and have to check his chair in…so give the wife a hug from me and get some rest …looks like now your going to be running after the lil one…:smiley:

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Kenny’s back. Wahoo!!!

Nice to see you back Kenshin. Its always nice to have our very own cdfreaks VIP back.
Good luck with the new apartment.

Good Luck Bro! :slight_smile:

Sorry, no pictures at all this time. (There were some accidents in this month.)

Wheelchairs will have to fly someday with their own engines… :iagree:


Thank you, everyone! :bow:

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