Moving images to compact flash card

I’m a retired surgeon running a Hyperbaric Wound care clinic.
I have a card viewer and I was trying to put some images on a compact flash card to show a slide show in the 10" screen.
I have some on the 2.0 GIG card. I had 950 MB used and tried to get more on but I get the message that "Cannot Copy, The directory or file cannot be copied

I have a folder called “Picture Viewer” where I store the pictures that are on the card are located. I tried to copy/paste these to the card but some won’t go. Now some are going that are coming from the same camera., but others won’t.
I formated the card and then did a copy/paste to the card and I can load 538 MB out of 1.17 GB.
Any ideas as to why I can’t load any more pictures. I did a Norton check on one particular picture form the Coolpix camera and it was ok.
I am running a Dell e580 with 1Gig memory and a 160 Gig external hard drive and a built in HD of 170 Gig. Process 3.0

I’ve moved your post out of the Introduce yourself thread since you are requesting answers for a specific problem. The other thread is just to get you started posting, and allow you to write a brief hello to the site.

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There can be lots of issues going on with flash cards. Especially el cheapo’s.

I got one that can read and write inside a digital camera, but will not write when inserted in another device like a reader. Strange but true. (Actually not strange, but rather technical, method of formatting, etc.)

Anyhow, i think it’s best to try and get all the data from the card via your camera. Plug in the CF in the camera, turn on the camera (set it to view mode) and connect the usb cable from camera to computer.

Make sure you can get all images on your drive, then try to delete one of more pictures on the cf via your camera via your pc.

If that works, try to format the card in the camera or in the pc. Usually you can format it in the camera, but not in the pc.