Moving HDD w/partition to new computer



I have a 160 GB HDD which is the second HDD in my computer now that I store stuff

can I partition it 60GB/100GB and put all my backed up stuff on the 100 GB partition then take the drive out of my current computer and put it in the new one I’m building and install XP on the 60GB partition? Will the new computer see that it is partitioned and save all my other stuff on the 100GB partition?


Yes you can partition it to two drives of 60 and 100Gb.

Yes you can copy your stuff onto the 100Gb partition.

Yes you can then install windows onto the 60Gb one.

Yes all of your stuff will be seen on the drives. However if you format it to NTFS you must be running Win 2000 or Win XP to see the drive. If it is formated to FAT then any version of Windows will see it.