Moving from one Raid controller to another



Hi guys :slight_smile:

I am thinking of buying a SUNIX PCI IDE ULTRA 133 (RAID) 3700 raid controller (Chipset: Sil 0680) to move my 2 WD 120JBs onto, which our now on my crappy onboard Promise controller (cant get more than 55mb read and 20mb !!! write on that).

Question: Do i have to format the HDDs or can just put them on the new controller with the same array settings and expect the PC to boot? I really want to avoid formatting since i have no other HDD to back up my data.


When I tried something similar, I had problems and ended up formating my HDD’s and lost everything, I don’t know for sure if it was because I didn’t do something correctly or if it is something that can’t be done, but I don’t trust Raid for storing vital data.


Most likely you have to format.


RAID-1 or 0? I’ve had some success going from SIL to Promise without formatting, different chips though. If it’s RAID 0, just be sure to manaually create the array with identical settings. RAID-1 shouldn’t be a problem, but some of the controllers use different sectors for the array and partition info, so you have to re-build from one disc.

Cross your fingers!


You are a very lucky man… I never had this luck :sad:

Anyhow… there’s one option: get another Promise controller. I never had problems from moving arrays from the one Promise controller to the other. I can’t promise;) you that there won’t be problems, but up till now I’ve had some good experiences.


Thanx guys, i l think it over. I have found a GB-8KNXP for 60E - obviously a mistake, which has a Promise IDE Raid controller onboard (newer chipset), SATA Raid and all the goodies so i might go for that instead.

Obviously those poor guys have made a mistake on their site, which they have corrected now to the real price (226E) but i managed to buy it online while the price was still wrong - who knows i might get it :wink:


Hmm let’s keep our fingers crossed for that price, but they usually state something about prices that might be wrong online etc etc :Z . But it’s a great board anyhow (using it for quite some time now).