Moving data from Dish 722 DVR to DVD Recorder



I just got Dish TV, and have a 722 DVR. I want to be able to archive some of the programs to a DVD recorder. I would like to know if anyone can help me with this. Since I know it’s easy with Directv, there must be some way to do this or I can’t imagine why anyone would stay with Dish any longer than they have to. Can anyone tell me how to do this?


What outputs do you have available on the DVR? Something like S-Video?


Okay, I am reading from the manual, which is as follows: USB Port (Connect to multimedia devices); Audio/Video Output (High-quality standard-definition connection to your TV audio and video input); YPbPr/Component Output (Optional connection to your high0definition TV video output).


Does the back of your 722 look like this:

If so, you might be able to connect a DVD recorder via the S-Video to record the video output, and the audio via the red/black phono plugs nearby. However the video output signal may be copy-protected so you should find out from Dish whether this is the case. Remember also that only standard definition content can be recorded in this way.

I think the USB port is for attaching an extra hard disk, but needs activating for a fee from Dish. You could record to that external disk, but whether software exists to get it back off, is another matter.

There is the PocketDish media player, which I think enables you to transfer recordings from the main unit to the player for viewing elsewhere.