Moving .CAB to ur harddrive?



hey, do anyone know how to get your .cabs from ur windows 95/98/2000 cd so that you have the .cab and drivers on your harddrive so that you dont have to take ur cd out everytime u install new hardware or it need the drivers?


its easy, basically you make a directory called “W9xFlat” on your C drive (or any drive you want). then you find the folder with all the CABs on the CDROM, it should be about 130 megs or so for win98SE. then copy the whole folder to the “W9xFlat” folder you just made. the next time windows asks for the install cd, simply point it to the “W9xFlat” directory.


oh, but isnt there some command that you can type in dos that will copy it for you? like “copy xxx c:\winxflat” or something? thats what im looking for


Just drag and drop.



do this: 1. type “MKDIR c:\w98flat” 2. “xcopy ______ c:\w98flat” thats all. then goto the dir w98flat and run setup.exe.