Movies won't play anywhere other than computer DVD drive

I’m a noob here. I used DVDFab to decrypt and backup a couple different movies recently. I have shrunk and burned them to Fuji DVD +R’s. The problem is they will play on my laptop (where I decrypted and burned them), and not anywhere else. When I put them into any other DVD player, it says “can’t read disc” or “No Audio, No Video” ??? I can’t quite figure this out. I thought maybe it was because I was on Vista but am not sure. Has anyone else had this problem or know what I can do?

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Did you close the disc?

when you say “close the disc”, what exactly do you mean?

Also check your player specifications. Some will not play DVD +R.

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Have you tried DVD xcopy… I use this program … (the platinum version) and it is great for backing up those dvd backups. never had a problem with it.

I only get problems with my dvd drives!lol

pop in your dvd…click on the check box and then press start…it reads it and then burns it and does it all for you.


close=finalize session , so no further data can be burned to it , every burnning software have such an option , on some softwares you just need to select/checkbox “no multisession” , might wanna check the help file… , anyway you can finalize a disc you alredy burned but only if its not full nearly to the max cuz if it is then its impossible

Finalised the disc

Yes, it finalizes the disc at the end of the burn.

did you look in your dvd players manual to see if it supports +R medias? also whats your burner? if it supports bitsettings or if theres a modified firmware that adds it then it might come handy…