Movies will only play in laptop where burned



I’m a noob here. I used DVDFab to decrypt and backup a couple different movies recently. I have shrunk and burned them to Fuji DVD +R’s. The problem is they will play on my laptop (where I decrypted and burned them), and not anywhere else. When I put them into any other DVD player, it says “can’t read disc” or “No Audio, No Video” ??? I can’t quite figure this out. I thought maybe it was because I was on Vista but am not sure. Has anyone else had this problem or know what I can do?

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What is the brand of your other player? Some older models will not read +R discs unless they are bitset first. Have you tried another player?


Yeah, its a newer player that plays +/- R’s and all the other acronyms. I tried it in my work laptop DVD, neighbor’s laptop, neighbors DVD player, and nothing. Yet it will still play in mine. I thought maybe my free version of DVDFab might have some sort of marker which would only enable playback on where it was written.


What is the operating system on your Laptop :confused:


Vista Home Pro.


I have been told and read somewhere that vista will put something on the disc so it can only be played on the computer that it was made on or with :frowning:


I my os is Vista Home Premium and I have not had any trouble with movies burned with anydvd/clonedvd2. They play in my laptop, desktop and my stand-alone player.

Stormjumper, I have not heard that vista placing markers on burnt disks? Any idea where you heard that info?

Anyway, I hope this helps…


can’t remember where but I do remember something about the DVD that you make a copy of if it has a flag on it that is when Vista puts a marker on it, not all DVD’s has the flag it is still in the development stage at this time.
May be able to work around this issue if you do just main movie only but not sure


That probably explains it Stormjumper. I only back-up the main movie.
The two movies I backed up were ‘The Queen’ and ‘Casino Royale’.

I will keep an eye-out for this marker flag in the future…


I would think that it was Vista except when I was using a trial version of AnyDVD a month or so ago, the dvd’s would play anywhere, not just in my laptop. That is why I thought it might be an issue with DVDFab.


I have dvdfab on my vista pc. I wil use it next time I back a movie amd I will let you what happens…


Windows has tried to avoid markers for years. Few people may know about it but some years back there was a certain Satellite DVR that was very easy to hack because MS had copywrite on the digital recording and redused to let the manufacturer change their code. I only mention that because they are no longer available, so please everyone do not ask which one. For more info on the Vista flaws check out ZD Net.


If that’s true I’m buying a MAC.:frowning:


Hi paul
not sure on any of this, just something I was reading some where :confused: