Movies will not play in my dvd player*****HELP*****

Hi, my name is monte & I’m new to the forum…I’m having problems playing my burned dvd + r movies on my panasonic dvd player…The dvd seems to burn fine but when i try to play the movie its says no disc found… I’m using clone dvd 2 with DVD43 also I’m using a Memorex DVD Recorder True 8X Dual Format. I have sucess in burning 3 movies…I notice when I put the dvd + r back in my PC i can she the files but no menu…can someone please help? :sad:

if it plays fine on your pc then there are 3 possible reasons why your dvd dont play

  1. doesnt support dvd+r
  2. doesnt support burnt medias
  3. dislikes the media
  4. the dvd isnt finalized

check your dvd manual or see comments on it at videohelp , try other media brand , its best to use bitsettings it makes dvd+r’s look like dvd-rom which gives it high compatbility and it should play even on dvd players that dont support burnt dvd+r and also maybe on those that dont support burnt medias but unfortunatly your burner doesnt support that

thanks i was the media…purchase some Memorex DVD -Rs & everything is ok npw…

You were probably burning DVD+ and your stand alone may be an older player incapable of playing that media.

Suggest you dump that Memorex media and buy some quality media.
It may play well now, but 6 months or a year from now you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Some good media brands are Tayio Yuden, Verbatim, and Maxell.
If you are in the USA, you can usually find the Tayio Yuden at Best Buy under the FujiFilm name.
They (Best Buy) have sales frequently and never pay more than 20.00 for a ring of 50.
Always get the DVD+ media packaged “Made in Japan”, not made in Taiwan under the Fuji name. Use Tayio YudenDVD+ with bitsetting and you can’t go wrong.

Follow phil’s advice on bitsetting and you will be able to have your copies played on just about any player. Though not all burners have the ability to change bitsetting.

Quick description of bitsetting, DVD’s that you buy are pressed not burned and are done so in the DVD-Rom format. By changing the bitsetting you will be burning in the DVD-Rom format rather than DVD+, so when you put it in a stand alone player it tricks it in thinking it’s an original. You can only change bitsetting on DVD+ media, not DVD-.

memorex is mostly crap but not always it depends on the mediacode and they are made by several different companies , i suggest youll use dvdidentifier and post results

it all depends ,verbatims are made in 3 countries taiwan/india/japan the taiwan ones are manufactured by two companies prodisc & cmc alot of ppl claim the prodisc are better heres the how to tell if prodisc or cmc thread the india ones should be avoided they are made by moser baer which have very big variations , the japan ones are best (recently verbatim switched the 8x -r production to taiyo yuden) the pastel verbtaims are also made by taiyo yuden , most maxells are made in taiwan by ritek and those are crap there are also in-house maxells made in japan which are better but very hard to find probably arent manufactured in large quanities , fuji’s are no longer made by taiyo yuden they are now made in taiwan by ritek/prodisc (ritek r03 mediacode for 8x +r / prodiscf01 mediacode for 8x -r) cant recommend those. the japan ones are getting harder to find and eventually will disappear completly as no longer being manufactured , anyway imo the third in that list should be ricoh

you can get taiyo yuden/verbatim medias from online stores ,
usa - /
canada - /
europe - / / /

Gotta learn to read better, didn’t see he has a Memorex burner and you did state it is not supported.

Currently I have no problem finding Fujifilm Tayio Yudens, but was not aware they will be discontinued . I have bought original TY’s from Rima and find the FujiFilms burn just as well.

As for Memorex you don’t know what your getting until you read the media codes.
I can’t be bothered returning media that doesn’t meet my expectations, cheaper in the long run just to buy quality.

The Maxells I’ve bought were always Japan made and have good luck with.

The only other media I have used in small numbers was the Ricoh JPN’s, they also burned well.

well they started outsourcing to ritek only few months ago

im having the same problem i have over 600 dvd movies and they all play fine in my dvd player for my tv with no problem, but when i put the dvd disc into my pc dvd player, it doesnt see it at all, i have a pioneer minus dvd player, i tried all kind of dvd disc every kind even plus, its weird before i can only burn with plus and my dvd player is a minus, but now i can only burn with memorex minus, if any 1 can help me it would be very appreciated thank you