Movies start to lock up or stutter 1/2 way through the movie

I am using “anydvd” and “clonedvd2”. I am able to copy the movies but when I play them back “on any Machine” they play good for about 1/2 of the movie then it starts to stutter and then eventually locks up.
What am I doing wrong??

Can you tell more about your machine,burner, and media please

I have used two different machines. 1 is a Sony vaio 1.6mhz with a Lite-on dvdr. I am also using two different types of media (Sony DVD-R & Memorex DVD-R). I have the same problem with all.
Please help…

Sorry the other machine I use is at work and I dont know the speed or brand but I know the burner on it is the same as the one a home (Lite-on) I think Panasonic makes it.

I have had the same problem myself and found it is usually the media I used. I have had horrible outcome with Ritek and Memorex but have had great sucess with Tayio Uden.