Movies play on my laptop but not others



Need some help here. I recently purchased AnyDvd and Clonedvd2 because I like how well they work and play with other programs. DvdXCopy was way too temperamental.

I’ve copied DVDs and then watched them on my laptop. They play perfect. When I play them on other computers or laptops… they freeze about 20 minutes into playback. I’ve tried different viewers. I’ve checked hibernation and suspend modes… all set to never. I’ve tried different machines… same result.

I’m using memorex 4x -r dvds. My laptop seems to be temperamental itself as this is the only media I can get to work. I’m recording at the 2-2.4 setting as my burner is a 2x.

Any ideas? Do the other computers need AnyDvd running in the background?

Thanks for the help… California isn’t too sunny today!

Windows XP Home


Try some Made in Japan media. Don’t worry about speed rating. They will burn at 2.4X. Go to RIMA.COM and send them a note requesting a FREE sample of the Taiyo Yuden -R media.


Thanks for your help… I’ll definately try some different media… though, I don’t know if that would explain why movies play on my computer and not others. I was wondering if I had some sort of ‘plug-in’ that others didn’t. Could it be that my burner is creating copies that only it can read?

Also… Have you heard of any plans… or is it possible (in a future release) for CloneDvd to read a movie and save it at the same time you watch it? Would that take too much CPU?



Not all DVD ROM drives have the same READ BACK capability.

Most users want speed (5X to 10X rip). Therefore, there is no need for software developer to rip at 1X. People don’t use transcoding software to watch DVD movies.