Movies play in Black and white?

I have been using Clone DVD for a while now and it does a great job of making backups of my movies, I take a lot of movies in the car on trips and hated bringing my originals for fear of loss or getting scratched.
well I just got a new Kenwood 6019 DVD player for my car and for some reason my movies play just fine but they play in black and white. I can take this DVD and stick it in my PC or my home DVD player and they play in color.
So I called Kenwood support and they said it shouldnt have this problem but there is nothing wrong with the Unit. they said they could put in a copied DVD movie and it worked fine.

So I am at a loss just spent about 2500 bucks on this unit and a bunch of other extras and now I want to return it because my entire collection of copies will not play properly. Has anyone seen this? can I change the way I am copying my movies or burning them to make this go away?
thank you in adavnce for any help or suggestions

to add a bit more info seems DVDs created in to ISOs using something other then Clone DVD are not showing up in color when using Clone DVD to burn that ISO

Having the same issue with the DDX 6019. Anyone have an idea what causes this issue? Kenwood support not being very supportive.


can you copy this film using one of the top two options of clonedvd and give it a try in your car.

After testing about 40 dvd’s today, it seems PAL video seems to be the similarity among the dvd’s that play as black and white. Suprising, since the player’s manual references the ability for PAL playback.

well i’m on the lookout right now for a solution to this problem. I hadn’t noticed what was happening with the music videos (that’s what i play instead of movies) but then i finished adding my screens (now have 2 in front + headrests) and i was able to tell. funny part is, this ONLY happens with PAL, but ONLY in the Kenwood. all of the other screens, which all are fed from the Kenwood’s video out, play in color, at the same time the kenwood is playing in B&W!!! funny but getting annoying. I’m trying to see why this happens and if there’s a fix. will get back to you guys if i find something… :cool:

In the player’s settings, is there a toggle feature for monochrome vs color? That unit comes with a remote right(?) … get down deep into all the settings and see if there are some feature choices to help you.

Also in the screen’s output color adjustments for brightness, contrast, hue etc is it possible that the color intensity is set so low that the output on the Kenwood screen comes out as monochrome? Also look for any little dials on the exterior of the screen (behind or out of obvious view?) that might control these features.

Is there a setup screen for the Kenwood? Sometimes I have to set my TV to PAL in the system setup to get the disc to play right.