Movies keep freezing

When ever I copy a movie, about 3 of the 4 movies will just freeze near the end. Anyone have any ideas why ?

You may have bad dvd media. The dye wasn’t spread all the way to the edge.

Yo 90blackcrx-

Would help to tell us what type burner and media you are using so that we can help you-


Also say what player(s)/drives you’re trying to play it in.

I agree that it is probably a cheap quality media issue. Don’t just assume that because you are buying a name brand disc that you are getting quality media (there is more to it than that). :wink:

Sounds like a classic case of faulty/cheap media if its happening towards the end.

What good quality media do you recommend, from australia

Yo tanya 123-

I have two NEC 3500a’s and I have found that the Taiyo Yuden and Ritek brands to give very good results with no coasters-

Happy burnin’