Movies keep freezing up

I’m using Nero ultra 7. And I can’t seem to burn movies without them freezing either at the beginning or sometime after. And this last one froze and jumped to the menu partly black background as though it was changing. I’ve tried burning at lower speeds and I’ve tried different media, Sony, Memorex and Office Depot.
I still get the same results what am I doing wrong or what else can I try?


Are you talking about DVD movies, that you have ripped and re-burned to disk?

Basically, I use the Nero DVD Video project, with it set to ISO settings and caching, etc. turned off. Most basic settings with the limitations in place for compatibility.

I use Verbatim media, which seems to work best for me, and I do make sure that DMA mode is enabled for my optical drive.

I would recommend picking up some Verbatim DVD-R disks as a test, if you can.

No, these are movies from torrents and TMD-MIRC. various file formats.

I’m not clear on how to use Nero DVD Video project set at ISO settings and caching,etc
and all that what you said either.

Oh, I will get some verbatim media, and how do you make sure your DMA mode is enabled for your optical drive.

Yikes. I was gonna suggest trying DOOM9.NET or VIDEOHELP.COM but if you are downloading the movies and don’t own them, they are not allowed to help you here on the board.

Sorry about that.