I have some movies which are either on a DVD or a VCD.

I have a CDRW (52x/32x/52x)

Is there any way I can make backups of the DVD and VCD movies on blank CD’s using my CDRW?.

I am a newbie here, so any assistance would be appreciated.


How to backup your DVD to VCD (with TMPGEnc)

How to backup your DVD to VCD (with DVD2SVCD)

How to convert a DivX / AVI / ASF / MPEG1 to VCD

(VCD will fit on a CD as long as you make it the right size, check and see what the max you can fit on one CD is, ie can you overburn at all with your drive etc)

How to burn a VCD with Nero

Note that you’ll also need a dvd-rom or dvd-rw to READ the dvd disks to rip them to (S)VCD. A normal cd-rom/rw can’t read dvd’s :smiley: