Movies from my hard drive to dvd disc?



I am trying to movies on to disc that i have on my hard drive I have got the fprogram movie clone 4 but wont do it as my movies are in avi format not iso format can i change formats? some one pls help im total useless with my pc it drives me crazy


Assuming the avi movies are in divx format, converting them to DVD video iso is very time consuming. I never used movie clone 4 before.

If your DVD player is divx certified, then it’s easier. There should be a dixv symbol on the front of the player. Burn the avi’s to CD or DVD using program that came with your burner (probably Nero). and you should be able to play the disc in the DVD player. I also don’t own this type of DVD player, either. Perhaps someone else can confirm this.


Hi Veronica,
This is a free file conversion program :
These have free trial periods :

Read the “How to” for all of them while at the sites then download the one the one you understand best.