Movies Freezing up 12-15 mins in...Driving me crazy!

I’m using CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD running in the background. When I try to watch my movies all of them are freezing up around 12-15 mins in. Some only for a few seconds others just stop all together. I don’t know if it is the Imation dics I have started using. I haven’t had this problem before. After burning, on the discs themselves I have noticed there is a slightly darker blue ring about a 1/4 inch thick in the center of the disc (where the disc would first be read). Has any one heard of this before?? I know I should try another disc, but I don’t have any right now. Why do they keep freezing around the 12 to 15 min point? Any help would be great.


You should tell us about your computer; operating system and the burner you are using-

But - it really sounds like a media problem - Imation is not some of the even good stuff out there-

Suggest using Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim medias-


I hesitate to reply as am very new to the business myself, but…My first batch of blanks was Verbatim. Had v. good results despite a few newbie errors. Latest disks are imation and am having to throw out every second disk with problems, so judge from that if you want.
I am using the same software as you. Found the best way to get high quality results was to minimise the compression. Better to use the scissors tool in CloneDVD2 to split the files between 2 DVDs and record at 100% rather than try to compress onto 1 disk. If anyone disagrees with me I’d be glad to hear as I am learning.

The density of the data on the disc is the same, whether the data is compressed or not. Your observed better success rate with a split title may be because you aren’t burning as far towards the edge of each disc (it’s here where errors are more likely with some drives).

Personally I always compress to 1 DVD & still get good video quality once all the extras like subs, director’s commentary etc are removed.

I guess if i had a 42inch + TV then I’d probably use DL media but generally playback is perfectly acceptable on my 28inch one.


Have always backed up my DVD movies in compressed mode and have gotten steller results using Premium Ricoh 4x +R R01’s; Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02’s and Verbatim 8x +R MCC03’s - burned on my LiteOn 160P6s-

I am watching the backed up movies on my Hitachi 56" Ultravision HDTV - and the results are very good-eh!


I will have to agree with bigmike this sonnds like the media is the isssue. If you have more of these media use them for data discs only and go back to verbatim. You also might try a slower burn speed cheap media like that alot better to from what I’m told. You can get a 50 pack of this at best buy even online I think for 14.99 plus your local tax.

I just tried some different discs and they worked!! thanks