Movies freeze after about 1 hour



Hello, I have a lite on 812s flashed to 832s im using firmware 832S.CG5G an verbatim media anyways I back up a movie an about 1 hour into the movie freezes it did this sometime before I upgraded to 832S.CG5G once I upgraded it was good for awhile now seems to be doing the samething again i only burn a 4x using shrink then nero… this does NOT happen with every movie maybe 1 in 5.

I was wondering is there newer better firmware then the 832S.CG5G im using? Thanks alot


xxxcobra, again welcome :slight_smile:

If it’s only happening 1 in 5 then it sounds like the media you are using is burning at the upper limit of allowable errors. Try using Nero CD-DVD Speed to do a quality scan of the media you have burned, especially one of the discs that freeze, and post the results. Check out [thread=119042]this thread[/thread] re attaching scans ;).

FYI, CG5G is the latest firmware and the last of the quality patched firmwares for the 51S and 2S drives.


Well now it did it on 2 of my back ups i tryed back to back im running that tool now an will post the results. :rolleyes:


OK. I also tweaks the thread title to make it a bit more obvious what your problem is ;).


Here it is


It doesn’t look good but you will need to do it again at 4x scan speed. This is the standard for comparison in the Liteon forum ;). Also the error report is not reliable at 8x speed, as the drive can report more error then are actually there…


Heres 4x sorry about that im a noob…lol


The bad news is that it’s so bad I’m surprised it plays at all :(.

1/ Is this media really branded Verbatim?
2/ Do you have any other media - maybe a 4x DVD+RW?
3/ Do you have a lens cleaning disc?

The first thing I would suggest is to use the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility v3[/thread] to do a reset learn. Use the utility to backup your EEPROM first and then use the Reset learn function. Make sure you select the correct drive from the drop down list at the top. After this, burn another disc preferably a DVD+RW so it doesn’t waste a disc. Post back with the results…


Ok thanks I try that is it very hard to do? An do i have to relaod the firmware if so should i use the same?
The media I use is verbatim it has a reorder #94930 I think they are real verbatim media it also says mitisubishi chemical corp.


here is another I did after I reloaded the firmware


That’s really bad!!!
The PIF is better but the PI is worst… either you got some fake MCC003 or your drive is dead !!!
Can you get another disc from another batch?


I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that the drive is dead with that PIF result, which is not bad at all ;). But the PIE result is definitely very odd. It reminds me of a common problem from a long time ago.

1/ You don’t have Intel accelerators installed do you?
2/ Make sure you have the latest drivers for you motherboard.
3/ Make sure you have the latest version of Nero installed.
4/ Try flashing back to US0N and see what it scans and burns like. You’ll find it on our site (see my signature).


Here is another I made today after using EEPROM Utility v3 the relearn feature an installing the newest nero version also burning at 2.4X


Burning at 2.4x will not improve the quality of MCC003. It usually burns better at 8x then it does at 2.4x or 4x.

Again the PIF result is quite acceptable. I’m starting to think your drive has a problem reporting PIE errors. What does the transfer rate test look like of the above disc? You also should try some different media just to see if it makes any difference…


Ok hows this?


The PIFs look excellent and the PIEs look very odd. Was it an 8x burn and what does the Nero Transfer Rate Test (on the Benchmark tab) look like?



you haven’t done any test asked by codeKing???


I’ve did everything he has sugested. This is the same movie as the last graph. burning at 8X


OK, I think the read error is a bit of bad luck and may be related to that particular disc or the drive doing fallback. I’d say you can safely return to 832S firmware (VS0G or CG5G) as US0N made no difference. If you use VS0G, I’d recommend you apply the “Earlier shift” and the “Force shift” patches with OmniPatcher or just use CG5G without any patches.

1/ Did you do a reset learn?
2/ Have you tried any other media?


Yes, I did both reset learn an I tryed a fuji DVD+RW the result were far worse with the fuji