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I’m kinda new to the movie database thing. Hehehe I usually download by torrent but now, it’s really hard to find old movies by it, and the download speed is so aweful. I had just read about the LightSpeed Movies, is there any unlimited movie download page?

Secondly, I found these two from Google Add:

How can I tell if it’s legit or not? I don’t mind paying money for unlimited database, I just want full speed download. Thanks! :wink:


I can’t comment on the second one as I do not havee the necessary plug in to see but the irst one definately isn’t legit.

Rules of thumb for a legit downlaod sites:
They let you browse their catalogue of files without youhaving to pay or register first
They will charge per item.

If these aren’t present play it safe and take the site to not be legit, becuase if it isn’t and you download anything it is your arse on the line not theirs as they will have a disclaimer saying any money crossing hands is for “customer support” only.

Legit movie sites are few and far between at the moment.


lightspeed movies has come up a few times, and if you read their faqs, the site is just a p2p program like limewire. So are the rights to download movies. Basically, dont buy it.


I can confirm that both of the above services are not legit. :disagree: As JayC30 mentioned, if the website does not let you browse through its library without mandating the user to sign up, then it is generally fake.

If you come across any other sites, try browsing through their calaogue. If you are presented with a sign-up screen without being able to see what titles they have on offer, turn away! The vast majority of fake sites ask you to enter your e-mail address on the first screen and the simple reason for this is to put you on their mailing list. Most legit sites will let you view trailers as well as see what movies they have on offer. If they require software to be installed, the vast majority will also let you down this without having to provide any details either. :wink:


That’s a good rule of thumb there. :slight_smile:


Screw dat use Vongo. Plus it comes with a free trail. Those things are scams (trust me I been scammed. All they do is give you bittorrent and tell you the best sites)


AH thx for the Feedback. Yeah can you guys suggest any movie download sites that is legit? Thanks. Oh yeah and Vongo doesn’t work if you live outside the USA hehehe


If we could we would. There just aren’t any around at the moment.


[QUOTE=JayC30;1433965]If we could we would. There just aren’t any around at the moment.[/QUOTE]
:confused: how about now?:confused: