Movies burning without sound!



I finally narrowed it down to CloneDVD as the root of my no sound problem. The video_ts files have sound after i compress in dvdshrink, but the disks turn out without audio on the main movie (menus, special features have sound). when i first burned dvds two weeks ago, they were burning fine with sound. this is a recent thing and no settings have been changed. anyone else having this problem or know how to stop this from happening?


Enable all sound tracks in CloneDVD stream preferences. Use the latest CloneDVD version


like Spanish, etc?
i uninstalled CloneDVD (was on a trial) and will install it again. i was hoping that would clear up the problem since when i first installed it, the sound was fine.


I only copy English AC 3/6 (AC 3/2 or 3/1 IF 3/6 is not available). You can also use the AUDIO button on the DVD player to select the type of audio output. Note that DTS audio is available ONLY if you have a DTS decoder. I never record the DTS audio track. Dolby Digital AC is good enough.

Dunno if this problem is related to your DVD playback issue.