Movies are recorded in 30 minute segaments



I am trying to put my vhs movies on my computer. I right click on the E
drive where the movie is at and then select copy. I then go to the DVDFAB 5 folder and right click on the file called generic and click paste. The movies download into the right place but the movies all have between 3 and 4 30 minute segments instead of one continuous movie.
All of these movies have about 3 gigs or more instead of the 1.1 average on a dvd.
I am using a DVD/Vhs recorder. The movies have been recorded of the tv and don’t appear to have any kind of codes associated with them that I know of.



well if there recorded from a home video recorder.

my guess if your viewing the .vob files directly as each will be 1GB in size.

if there just recorded from VHS (assuming the macrovision stuff aint messing with your VHS movie copies, but i doubt it since you said u recorded from TV), just use ImgBurn (MODE > READ) to copy the disc to your hard drive as it will be in .ISO format and then you can either burn it back onto a disc OR use a program like Daemon Tools to ‘mount’ it (this will make the .ISO file act as if you where inserting a disc into your PC’s dvd drive) and then you can use your favorite software (i.e. VLC Player or The KMPlayer etc) to play the dvd back and it will act like a normal dvd then instead of playing each individual .VOB file like im ‘guessing’ is happening to you now.