Movies and video burned dvdrs skip and/or pixelate



I have a nec2500 and have been using Ridata media. For burning, I’ve largely been using Roxio. Most of the DVDrs I’ve made start to distort, pixelate, or skip after watching them in any of my standalone players after maybe 20-30 minutes or so. I’ve tried this in a Pioneer, Apex, Toshiba, and a PS2. It seems like the players are either working too hard/getting too hot or something.

As an example, I also recently burned some TV episodes in dvd format and only the Apex would play without skipping. However, after a while, it refused to play the dvdr as if it was too hot or something.

What do I need to do to avoid this? Is there better media or software or settings?

Does anyone know of a standalone player that will play anything thrown at it, whatever the price???


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Reading issues can be caused by a variety of thing. Maybe your NEC isn’t burning that well, creating discs that prove too difficult to read for many DVD players. Another possibility is that you have a batch of bad media. Finally, the problem could be with your software.

Personally, I’d start with using different software, since IMO Roxio = bad. Try using Nero or CloneCD/CloneDVD and see if readability on your standalone players improves. 30 day trials can be downloaded from or If that doesn’t work, start investigating the reliability of both your drive and your media.

Good luck!

PS IMO a better place for this thread would be in the NEC dvd burner subforum. If a change of software didnt work out, perhaps you could ask a moderator to move this thread to the NEC subforum?


When I was a newbie I started with Roxio, everything played great with the majority of the family, one or two members had problems. I then started to experiments with different encoders and burning software and settled on Mainconcept for the conversion of avis and mpegs to the correct format, and then TMPGEnc DVD Author for making these DVDs.


On the NEC forum they will ask you what is the DVD Media you are using as this is the most likely problem. If you’ve got good media then it doesn’t matter too much what software you use.
So what is the media, and by this I mean the media ID from the media itself?
Nero’s CD/DVD Speed will tell you as will DVD Info, both can be easily found via google.


Use Made in Japan media and burn at 4x. Set booktype to DVD-ROM if possible.


bad media/burn is usually the case of the symtoms you described. check here in the dvd player section for media compatibility