Movielink to offer download to own on day of DVD release

I just posted the article Movielink to offer download to own on day of DVD release.

This is a
first for the Internet, the availability of downloads for the DVD on the day of
release. This concept is designed mainly for the early adopter and a well heeled
one at that. You…

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“Consumers will pay for the convenience” “convenience a selling point”? “still has DRM” Not at $30 LOL Me thinks it’s will be business as usual on the Bay

Nonsense… $30.00 for a movie you can’t easily watch on your own TV? Not everyone understands or even has a TV capable PC Video card. King Kong… Harry Potter seems like I can still watch them on my 14.99 a month Netflicks. :stuck_out_tongue:

“they are in the Windows Media Format, so you will not be able to use them in a DVD player. Which seems a major sticking point. But, you can burn them to disc for playing in up to 2 computers. Lovely”. Mr Data you will be downloading a windows media file. So big deal you screen capture it. Like major rocket science. Then convert and play it on 100 tv’s

Ridiculas. We’d be paying for the priviledge even if they charged standard DVD price as they’ve just saved a FORTUNE in shipping, shop rental space, packaging, physical media, etc. As usual these greedy bastards are trying to rip the hole in our rears so large we bleed to death. I hope they choke on it!! Glad to see they’re grasping the idea, but they’re missing the point of the idea - we want to download because: 1. it’s fast and easy 2. it should be SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper as they have no real costs to bear other than a bit of bandwidth!!

The firs movie to be released simultaneusly… hmm…how gay is that :+ Anywho, for me to “early adopt” it has to be an .iso of a retail dvd. Delete trailers, commercials, and leave one audio streem to make it lighter. If it is around 4 gigs it can be downloaded over tuesday night and save me a trip. This i call convenience. Anything else is just another bad business practice.

I will download the movies if: 1. 1:1 DVD iso is available. 2. Price is 30% of a retail (no box, sleevs, and a chain of 100 suppliers trying to make an extra buck). Also, ISPs are charginf by bandwidth, so this should be calculated in the movie price, as well as the media price. With the current offer, p2p networks look much more attractive.

according to this: you CANNOT burn them to DVD… and this forum post here is hilariously on point: /237008748731/r/390009748731#390009748731
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Though it is an excellent article, ArsTechnica is mistaken, you can burn to disc titles that are downloaded and purchased-that are designed for “multi-PC use”. However, a quick trip to the site and we can see why there is confusion. There is so much fine print and so many different, ways to obtain products.
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burn it as a data file, but not in DVD-VIDEO format…which is what is important…

well this is exactly what the MPAA wants. Buy a movie with no physical media to prove you own it, so what happens with one of those nice little virii that deletes all your media files. Oh I guess you do not have physical proof you bought it, so I guess you have to buy it again. Yeah like paying more then retail for a crippled movie is going to get me to buy something. It is so obvious that the execs have no fricken idea what the public wants, nor do they care. We already boycott a lot, I think the average citizens really need to open their fricken eyes to see that the crap is starting to hit the fan.

IF I was going to spend ANY money supporting these ASHLES that pay my money to the MPAA, I WOULD NOT PAY $20 to $30 for a new movie when I can stop on my way home from work and buy it for $15 to $18 and have proof that I paid for it. I want to watch it on my tv, not through my computer… Another business model doomed to failure.

Gee tough choice isn’t it, download it for 20-30 US dollars or rent it for 1 dollar. So I could rent and watch a movie 25-30 times at $1 each time and play it on my DVD player and big TV, or I could download it (in about an hour) and be restricted to how I use it, such as not being able to play it in my DVD player and Big TV, and only be able to play it on my much smaller Computer monitor. No wonder the music and movie companies are losing profits when they continue to ignore the consumer for the sake of greed. I boycotted music companies because of their greed years ago and I am now considering boycotting movie companies as well. Maybe more people need to do the same to send a clear message to these greedy morons.

:r :r :r … :r Only a sucker will waste money on this kind of service.