Moviejack3 virtualjack problem

I am trying to use virtualjack to rip and mount dvd’s for later viewing but none of the movies I’ve tried so far will work…it seems like macrovision is keeping them from working…the first few chapters showing the warnings and everything work but then the picture goes blocky (or blank) and the sound gets garbled before it ever gets to the title menu…also after I’ve tried to play one of the ripped movies I can’t play the movie off the dvd itself without rebooting first.

what am I doing wrong?

No one has any ideas here?

I can use xcopy and burn two disks that work fine with the same movies that moviejack3 can’t even rip and play off my harddrive so I know the dvd can be copied…moviejack just isn’t defeating the copy protection like xcopy does for some reason…
virtualjack would be great if I could get it to work since I don’t care to keep the movie after I’ve watched it, I just don’t always have time to watch the movie before I have to return it and with virtualjack I can rip it in a half hour or so and watch it when I have time and avoid wasting time burning it to dvd’s.